What happened at The Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit Day 2?

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Written by Aaron Mangal

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A two-day gathering of Crypto Enthusiasts and Builders

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Mike Wilson, founder of The Crypto Mindset Reset and the Vegas Crypto Group, brought in the day introducing all the speakers and sponsors. He also showed off his Uplift Metaverse plot for his magic mushroom spore brand, Spore Baby.

Yamez Phi, leader of Decriminalize Nature Nevada and Las Vegas Psychedelic Society, kicked things off with a guided meditation. The goal: help viewers assimilate and integrate the Virtual Conference into themselves. He emphasized the connection between Crypto technologies and Psychedelics. Ultimately, bring these ideas to others but use their language and concepts.

Corey and Samantha of the Uplift World excitedly shared their space which allow you to build what you love on in-world land. It’s currently using the Minecraft engine under the hood for creating this world but will migrate to Minetest soon. They did a live-stream tradition where they write gratitude statements from viewers in their Metaverse.

Then, they gave a cyber tour of new and interesting structures (which surprised even the two presenters). There is a play-to-earn (P2E) feature where you earn tokens for visiting people’s land and doing things like games and scavenger hunts. At the end they shared some links where you can get free NFTs and land (listen to the full talk to hear it).

Jason Crowe of Qortal shared their new internet model to decentralize all aspects of the current centrally controlled internet. It removes all middlemen like ISPs and other data brokers. Decentralization isn’t a guarantee with current Crypto systems including Bitcoin and Ethereum (which have been steadily co-opted into centralized hands).

He ended with a solid rant around how he doesn’t like branding as a “Crypto” company due to the hyper-corporatization and bastardization of the whole industry. This is what he hopes to combat with his project.

RiceTVx opened up a quick Q&A session with Jason and explored the folly of terms like Web 3, a new euphemism for Technology like Crypto. He asked how the project would be “leaderless” and how to handle namespace domain squatting.

Nemesis, ASIC and GPU Miner and long-time Bitcoin enthusiast, reinforces that Bitcoin is the one true Crypto with no competitor. Most altcoins are risky “one trick ponies”. He cited the Ethereum DAO Blockchain roll-back as an example of how centralized players can change the rules.

Ricetvx returns on stage telling us to “be the change”. Anarchy isn’t a “bad” term, it means “without a master or ruler” but has been co-opted by the media as a bad thing with Antifa so now he prefers the term Agorism.

Agorism is “being the change” using principles of counter-economies and nonviolence. We can use any medium of exchange other than the US dollar. Also, CBDCs could be tyrannical if we don’t shape it properly. This may involve political actions to accomplish this.

Seth Estrada of Mine your Biz advised us to take our privacy, self custody and security super seriously and make it a priority. He shared that one way to get started is to mine BTC fresh in a private, secure manner and gave some pointers for getting started.

An artist group chat was next including Fellenz, Kalen G Smith, 150 and Trekk discussed their unique backgrounds as artists and how they are using Virtual Reality (VR) and NFTs for their work.

Moloch Digital including Trekk, 3D and 150 shared a live demonstration of the fun and cutting-edge Virtual Reality platform and world they designed. They reinforced that the magic comes from the collective social experience of collaboration IN the Metaverse.

Mike closed out the Crypto Mindset Reset with a warm and heartfelt thank you and invitation to attend the after party in the BoltVR platform built by Moloch Digital.

Check out the Crypto Mindset Reset Day 2 full stream here

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