7 Rants, Raves, and Reflections on Technology in General

Angry hacker woman because of access denied while trying to attack government firewall. Programmer writing a dangerous malware for cyber attacks using performance laptop during midnight.
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It’s been a little bit since a Rants, Raves and Reflections episode, so this time I’m talking about Technology in general.

Technology is not without cost, and I’m not talking monetarily. I’m talking time and sanity. That is often your cost of admission.

Ok, let’s jump in to my 7 Rants, Raves and Reflections on Tech in General:

  1. Tech is always a project – Troubleshooting is a constant battle you need to be ready for.
  2. It takes time – The cost more often than not will be time and sanity, not money. Sure, tech costs money, but the biggest ratio will be the above.
  3. New parts (especially non-standard ones) can be a problem to source – I had a laptop die and was not able to get a motherboard replacement. And it was out of warranty, wah wah wahhhhhh. REKT. As in laptop ded and that’s that.
  4. You save $ – Learning knowledge and skills for yourself will help you be more self-sufficient and not require any expensive service provider time to fix your problem. Keep in mind, you will pay in time (and sanity).
  5. It’s fulfilling to do Tech for yourself – What is the intrinsic value of being able to do things for yourself? I would say it’s pretty high, especially as times get tight and there isn’t the usual disposable income for unexpected repairs.
  6. It’s efficient – Using the Raspberry Pi in particular is super efficient with a low power draw. It’s also efficient with your time and money to have the skill of Tech in your back pocket.
  7. There’s a learning curve – Your form of payment required will be time and sanity. Noticing a trend here? If you aren’t willing to cough up the energy for this, you don’t get the glory. If you are patient and can handle some rocky roads, you will be just fine.

Well, that’s my Rants, Raves and Reflections for this time.

Overall, learning how to use various Technology tools, whether hardware or software is well worth the effort.

Happy Tech-ing!

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