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6 Reasons to Use Tech for Good

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On this episode we explore using Tech for good, socially, economically and philosophically speaking.

This show was originally inspired by a talk, How to make learning as addictive as social media, from Luis Von Ahn, CEO of Duolingo, a popular language learning app.

In a world of manipulative uses of AI and Algorithms, this perspective was quite refreshing.

He encourages us to take the lessons of today and apply them in even more powerful ways tomorrow.

This sparked the idea of why we should use Technology (especially Emerging ones) in increasingly open and positive ways for the world.

This means less walled gardens and more gardens of Eden. (Ahem, Free and Open Source Software, FOSS)

6 Reasons to Use Tech for Good

  1. Because we can – And we should also know better with current user data and research available to facilitate benevolent behaviors.
  2. There’s a critical mass of positive socially good focused industries – Between AgTech, EnviroTech, MedTech and other human health initiatives, we’re at an inflection point.
  3. You can’t eat Tech – But maybe it can heal and feed us at scale.
  4. Use positive intentions and philosophies as your North Star – Many of our Tech inventor predecessors preached using tech to increase human potential.
  5. Foster a solutions to real problems first approach – This, instead of looking for problems with pre-existing “solutions.
  6. We have the metrics – There are social “happiness” indexes and socially responsible investing opportunities for capital.

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