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Spatial and Immersive Audio: A New Deeply Engaging Sound Experience

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You may have heard of Immersive Technology, Media, and Video. But did you know that audio can also be Immersive and Spatial?

In fact, audio is often the most important and overlooked medium that ties our favorite immersive experiences together.

Experiences like gaming, movies, music, and other entertainment we all know and love.

To explore this new and growing topic, we brought on David Urrutia, an Extended Reality and Immersive Sound Design professional.

David Urrutia, Immersive Sound Designer

His experience stretches over 19 years as an audio engineer, including being the former XR audio creative lead at Meta (formerly Facebook).

He specializes in creating sound experiences for spatial and extended reality (XR) platforms. This means connecting real-world and imagined sound into immersive storytelling and entertainment experiences.

He does this through his company Blast XR LLC to help people unlock the full potential of immersive and interactive mixed reality experiences.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • What Audio is and the hardware and software technology behind it
  • The comparison of Analog vs. Digital and Stereo vs. Mono
  • What Immersive Technology is and how audio is involved
  • What Immersive and Spatial Audio is
  • How Audio has become a moveable part of virtual production, like cameras
  • How this next generation medium can be recorded digitally and physically
  • Key enabling technologies behind Immersive Audio

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Spatial Audio Show Notes

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