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On this episode we discuss Qortal, a community driven initiative aimed at making a new, user operated internet that leverages Blockchain’s data security.

Rather than focusing on token price and getting on more exchanges like other projects, Qortal focuses on making a usable, decentralized data infrastructure.

The community and even User Interface (UI) harkens back to the vibes behind Torrents, Warez and even mIRC in the 90’s-2000s.

To elaborate we brought on one of the founders, Jason Crowe, co-founder of Qortal and long time IT professional.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Who the Cipherpunks were and what they stood for
  • How the internet was supposed to be free and open but eventually become centrally controlled
  • Specific choke points of data and the World Wide Web (WWW) by big entities
  • What a block is and why it is needed to form a “Blockchain”
  • How Bitcoin began free and open but devolved into cartel control over time
  • The downfall of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • Why most Blockchains are unnecessarily large and cumbersome data sets
  • How all Qortal users can run a full node on modest tech like a Raspberry Pi 4
  • Why Qortal doesn’t put ALL the data on the Blockchain but instead uses a clever approach with hashes
  • How they keep their currently 3 year old Blockchain to a 5-20 GB max file size
  • How their upgraded “torrent tech” inspired data network aims for censorship-resistance through this novel approach to data creation

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Jason’s Blog on Qortal’s “Q-Blog” network

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