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NeRF Summit 2023: A meeting of the minds in breakthrough 3D Photo and Video Rendering Tech

NeRF Summit 2023 Flyer with member company logos
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What happened at the NeRF Summit 2023 hosted by the Volumetric Format Association (VFA)?

Well, you’re about to find out!

Meet NeRF, Neural Radiance Fields, a breakthrough technology in media, namely photography, video and 3D asset rendering.

No, it’s not those children’s toys some of us may remember.

NeRF is a powerful conglomeration of technology tools like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) fueled software + Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) hardware.

NeRF Definitions

Neural radiance fields (NeRFs) are a technique that generates 3D representations of an object or scene from 2D images by using advanced machine learning. The technique involves encoding the entire object or scene into an artificial neural network, which predicts the light intensity — or radiance — at any point in the 2D image to generate novel 3D views from different angles.

Source: TechTarget

As we discussed on our latest NeRF Summit 2023 podcast, it’s like a robot painting a 3D object in a glass cube of clouds.

Each molecule of the cloud represents a pixel that can be colored and rendered with information from the photos or video.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • What is NeRF: NEural Radiance Fields?
  • What makes NeRF so special
  • How NeRF works and why it’s so cutting edge
  • How Neural Networks and Machine Learning are involved (and other enabling technologies)
  • How this work would be painstaking and almost impossible for humans to do
  • How NeRF creates photo-realistic 3D renditions like a wax museum
  • What the NeRF summit 2023 was
  • Who presented and what they shared
  • How you can watch the NeRF summit talks for free (Hint: Join the VFA free community tier)

NeRF Summit 2023 Companies that presented include:

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NeRF Summit Show Notes

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