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Remembering Kevin Mitnick and Hacker Tools of the Trade

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RIP Kevin Mitnick and long live his memory!

On this episode of Emerging Tech Mastery (ETM) we brought back on good friend and contributor of the show Frank Trezza, Certified Ethical Hacker and InfoSec professional.

We discuss the legacy and memory of Kevin Mitnick, one of the best hackers of all time and master, founder of social engineering.

There’s a lot of great information here so be sure to grab a pen and paper or your favorite digital medium for this one.

In addition, we cover some initial hacker tools of the trade and resources around this fascinating profession.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Who was famous hacker Kevin Mitnick and what motivated him
  • The most legendary stories like how he hacked the LA Bus System, Trolled the FBI, lived on the run and was incarcerated illegally for years
  • How Kevin pioneered social engineering and used it extensively
  • The pre-computing hacking subculture based on telecom called “Phreaking”
  • How he hacked out of curiosity not profit like when he hacked a Cell Phone company to learn about new phone designs
  • How he reverse engineered what made complex systems in society tick and how to find weaknesses in them
  • About how the border of technology and magic is knowledge
  • Kevin generating new identities from deceased people
  • Why new easy to use hacking tools also open the door for malevolent users
  • The gap in skill knowledge emerging from books and hands on experience
  • A difficult truth about how the real knowledge workers are not compensated properly
Frank’s interview with Kevin Mitnick as a 2600 Magazine “reporter”

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One of the classic stories where Kevin trolls of the FBI

Kevin Mitnick Show Notes

Hacker Tools of the Trade

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