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How to Build Emerging Tech Communities

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On this episode your host Aaron Mangal caught up with Mike Wilson, community builder and founder of Vegas Crypto Group and meetup.

Mike has been in the Tech scene before it was fashionable including attending all of the first 10 DEFCon events in Las Vegas.

Since then he has built up a local community group around new technology like Cryptocurrency and Blockchains.

He also hosts regular Virtual Summits around Cyber/Info Security and Technology Education.

Feel free to reach out if you are ever in Las Vegas, NV.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • What the Cipherpunk scene was like in the 90s and how the passion is unmatched compared to today
  • How he met Hal Finney and Phil Zimmerman who was working on Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) at the time
  • The overall philosophy and values people took around the space in the early days like freedom and privacy
  • Early Cipherpunk hacking through telecom phreaking and super early stage internet tech
  • Some modern day equivalents of Cipherpunk communities and culture like Monerotopia
  • How Bitcoin was proof that decentralized community ownership really works
  • Why community is important in the first place
  • How to go about building your own community and tips to get started

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  • Hey! Thanks for having me on the show! I’d love to be on again… I was feeling under the weather during this show – hopefully next time I’ll be closer to 100%. Thanks again!

    • We could barely tell! That would be great to chat again about building community and learn more about what you’ve been up to. Talk real soon.

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