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8 Examples of How to Use Tech for Good

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This episode is an initial exploration of real world examples of using Technology for social good.

After our last episode, 6 Ways to Use Tech For Good, we found a paper by McKinsey, a famous consultancy, called Tech for Good: Smoothing disruption, improving well being.

The paper covers topics like core definitions of technology and well-being, how to measure the impact of technology, challenges and provides an overview of concrete case studies of Technology for good.

Ultimately, there are lots of great facts and figures to support the discussion and inspired several of these examples.

We highly recommend reading the Tech for Good paper mentioned above for additional detail.

8 Examples of How to Use Tech for Good

  1. Create community around Tech for Good – That’s exactly what an organization with that name does, founded by Ellen Ward and Máirín Murray in Dublin, Ireland. Their group encourages people of all skills to take back their technological power in an open and inclusive environment.
  2. Mixed Reality (XR) gives Producers the opportunity to give audiences socially impactful visceral experiences – XR is now absorbing all the realities like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In addition, with Spatial Audio, we have an opportunity to use this rich media platform to inform and transform viewers.
  3. AI and Education helps teachers do more with less – Teachers can be freed up with automated administrative tasks and even use “chatbots” to increase interaction and engagement with students
  4. Telehealth and MedTech reduce in-patient service by 50% – In India they reduced in person visits by 50% and saved over $4 billion. Healthcare is well known for high costs and inefficiencies, this new direction to bring in a new era of operations making services and outcomes better (not to mention life expectancy).
  5. Banking the 5 billion unbanked – This means bringing financial services to most of the world who still do not have bank accounts. The craziest part: more people have cellphones than running water. This means mobile banking and currencies (Ahem, Crypto) could bring a lot of new users in, fast.
  6. AI Traffic Management to reduce pollution and traffic – There is an estimated 3-15% reduction in air pollution from new AI systems. We already have AI used heavily for airports and air travel which helps avoid costly delays and losses from being inefficient. This will be key to maintain bigger and bigger infrastructures moving forward.
  7. Cloud computing dis-intermediates job gatekeepers for negatively impacted social groups – This could range from the disabled and invalid to LGBTXQ+ to women and people of color. Reputation based hiring for traditional on-boarding methods are being upended as people find new ways (and venues) to work.
  8. AgTech combining Industrial Tools and Feeding the World – It’s no surprise that Industrial Agriculture needs an upgrade, both from a fossil fuel and chemical use standpoint. That’s why there is a great promise and opportunity for new ventures to do one of our most important activities, feeding ourselves.

We hope you enjoyed this list of Tech for good examples. You can expect further topics to be covered as there is so much more to talk about.

Lastly, a big thank you to all the organizations and people dedicated to bringing more positive philosophies and outcomes to the use of Technology.

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Show Notes

Action Items

  • Read Tech for Good Paper
  • What insights did you learn? How can this be amplified with your efforts?
  • Listen to 6 Reasons To Use Tech for Good
  • Check the show notes and click on the various social and happiness index links
  • What are some common metrics and definitions for happiness and well-being?
  • Where are opportunities for you to get involved?
  • What will you do specifically for the community and cause?

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