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9 Reasons Why We do NOT like the Raspberry Pi

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Hello Single Board Computer (SBC) Enthusiast!

The Raspberry Pi has downsides like a steep learning curve and overpricing due to a lack of supply. We also cover the challenges and other reasons why we aren’t a fan.

In addition, there are other single board computer (SBC) competitors who even work with Raspberry Pi OS.

It’s a great sign to see more brands and hardware available especially with the current supply chain issues.

Regardless of which SBC you pick, there will be challenges so, let’s dig in.

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9 Reasons Why I do NOT like the Raspberry Pi

  1. SD cards are fragile – Don’t rely on an SD card for your main data (they can fail). Instead, use an additional USB external hard drive for your mission-critical information.
  2. The ARM Processor has limits – Compared with a Mac or PC, the ARM processor limits the use of certain applications and workloads (e.g. gaming)
  3. The Board is small and fragile – Although the case does help add an important layer of protection, the board itself is very exposed.
  4. It requires a separate display – You need an external screen like a Monitor or Television (TV) There are also mini LCD screens that attach to the Pi.
  5. The learning curve is steep – You will need to learn your way around Linux and managing applications.
  6. They are overpriced due to lack of supply – These days , the Pis are 3-4 times the price of MSRP
  7. It requires a plug in power source – The Pi still requires a separate wired connection. However, some have created battery powered set-ups for it.
  8. Ongoing maintenance is required for the OS – You have to keep up with updates and other upgrades.
  9. You need to buy additional proprietary add-on hardware – As you think of more uses, your interest in addition peripherals will increase, and so will your spending.

Despite the downsides and challenges with the Pi, it is a time tested, robust piece of hardware with a thriving and accomplished community.

Single Board Computer (SBC) Action Items

  1. Search for Raspberry Pi and check prices
  2. Check out other Single Board Computer (SBC) Raspberry Pi Alternatives
  3. What do you like or dislike?
  4. What are some components, peripherals you can gather?
  5. Look up SD cards, External hard drives, Pi HQ Camera and even mini LCD Screens

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