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ETM Show Bonus Episode: NAB 2023, Volumetric Video and Media Technology

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Hello friends, on this hybrid solo and talk show episode Aaron Mangal and Eric Azares discuss our reactions and experiences from NAB 2023.

We also shout out organizations we ran across and share some tips to “get in” for newcomers to the industry.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • What was NAB 2023 and what happened there?
  • Why its all about who you know in the industry
  • How there is a shift from Big Organizations only to smaller players like “Influencers” with video and “Podcasters” using audio
  • About new technologies including Virtual Production, Augmented Reality, Photogrammetry and Volumetric photography
  • Why the HYPERPG and MoSys booth really stole the show
  • How Remote Production improves mental health and gives you your time back
  • Why there is still plenty of room for new people to enter the market with new technologies like Volumetric which is extremely nascent

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Who we met at NAB 2023

Action Steps for New Industries

  • Write down a list of niches or industries you are interested in
  • Go search for the niche along with the words, “conference” or “association”
  • Note the prices and locations (Are they online and/or in person?)
  • If it’s free, sign up! (Even if you don’t think you can make it)
  • Search on social media for those conferences or associations and follow them
  • Also, consider people you know on there who might be in the industry
  • When you sign up for your event, look for others attending or posting about it on social media beforehand

Further Reading and Resources

One of our first attempts at Volumetric capture using Luma AI:

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