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8 Reasons Why The Raspberry Pi Computer Rocks

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B from the side.
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On this episode Aaron Mangal explores 8 reasons why he enjoys the Raspberry Pi and it’s operating system, Raspberry Pi OS.

The Pi is in a fairly new category called Single Board Computers (SBC).

This category includes many other computers and other brands who have taken this form factor (of a single circuit board) and made improvements, upgrades and other innovations.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons why the Pi excels is its core team and developer community that have worked out a lot of bugs, kinks and other pitfalls that make for a pretty smooth experience.

With that said we realize prices have been crazy and supply as well so you may need to explore other brands.

Either way, It’s a pretty fun time with all these new toys coming out.

We hope you enjoy learning about the benefits of the Pi and good luck on your Single Board Computer Journey.

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8 Reasons Why The Raspberry Pi Rocks

  1. It’s Small – Like a deck of cards
  2. It’s Portable – Like your favorite camping gear
  3. It’s Plug n’ Play – It starts up right away with little effort
  4. It’s Powerful – Like an old laptop or desktop
  5. It’s Multi-purpose – And (re)programmable for almost infinite uses
  6. It’s Easy to Use – A child (or even an animal) could could make it work
  7. It’s Customizable – And ready to serve your exact needs and shape to your will
  8. It’s Durable – It’s a strong little bugger that thrives in almost every environment

Show Notes

Action Steps for your Raspberry Pi Adventures

If you don’t have a Pi yet:

  • Research the Pi online (Prices are inflated but normal prices may be attainable)
  • Check your local Microcenter, Computer stores
  • Consider getting an extra SD card (2 or more ideally in case one fails)
  • If you can find a kit including a case and fan that would be ideal (We first started with a Cannakit)

After you have your Pi here are some starting points and projects to consider:

We grabbed ourselves a Pi HQ Camera, perhaps the podcast will get some eyes soon

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