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ETM Show #1: What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Rare Digital Art?

Rare Digital Art ATM with bluish green crystals in a light blue box on top of a grey atm while Joe's cartoon self looks at it in a cartoon like drawing.
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On this episode host of the ETM Show, Aaron Mangal interviews Joe Chiappetta, a long time cartoonist, comic book creator and digital art (NFT) creator.

Headshot of Joe Chiappetta, NFT artist and founder of Silly Daddy Comics and Art VndgMachn
Joe Chiappetta, founder of Silly Daddy Comics and Art VndgMachn

“A former Chicagoan living in Southern California…He’s an award-winning author and cartoonist on Silly Daddy Comics. As founder of ArtVndngMchn, Joe made history along with over 20 international artists as the first fine art project to release NFTs as random wrapped bundles on the blockchain.”

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Joe’s background and how he became an artist
  • How he involves his kids (who are also artists) in NFT creation
  • What anti-corporate “Zines” were and what the scene was like
  • How Television “tech” used to be in the hands of a few elites
  • What NFTs are and how they democratize media ownership
  • How NFTs can be much more than a 2D JPEG
  • Why Ethereum (ETH) fails as a solution
  • Some non-ETH NFT platforms Joe uses and his current favorite
  • How Art has always had no rules and now really doesn’t have any rules
  • Where Joe hosts his gallery (Hint: It might be in a Metaverse)
  • Some guidance to starting your NFT and Blockchain journey
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Follow Joe’s Work

Joe’s Twitter
Silly Daddy Comics
Interview with Crypto OG and Comix Artist Joe Chiappetta
LAB Radio Ep 43: Rare Digital Art on the Blockchain (Previous show we did)

Picture of ART Vending Machine logo for Joe Chiapetta's new NFT collection.
ArtVndngMchn Logo is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.

NFT Show Notes

NFT Tech Action Steps

  1. Look at NFT Platforms we linked to above
  2. Consider the following questions:
    -What’s the ease of accessibility and use? (Easy, medium, hard?)
    -Are there any barriers to entry? (i.e.The platform is invite only, has a application process)
    -Is the marketplace saturated?
  3. Visit
  4. Search for the symbol of your target Blockchain (e.g. XCP, EOS, WAX, ETH)
  5. Visit the chains website
  6. Consider these questions:
    -What’s the supply?
    -Who is the team?
    -Is it well-regarded among the community of early and current holders?
    -What is the process to get on that Blockchain?

    Is there a separate app or wallet to download?
  7. Note down what you like, dislike or have questions about
  8. Look for community hubs on discord, telegram or forums to stay connected

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Thanks for listening and good luck with your NFT Journey!

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