ETM Show #0: Introducing Ourselves and Your Emerging Tech Journey

Robot holding sign reading "ETM" which stands for Emerging Tech Mastery
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Hello and welcome to the first ever Emerging Tech Mastery (ETM) Show 0 and show notes page!

Our goal is to create easy to digest media and information around Emerging Technology topics.

In this episode Aaron Mangal, founder of Emerging Tech Mastery (ETM), shares his reasons for starting the website and community.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • What Emerging Tech Mastery is and what we do?
  • The Mission, Vision and Roadmap for ETM
  • What outcomes we want for viewers and readers
  • How we intend to provide said outcomes
  • Some advice for starting you Emerging Tech Journey

Thanks for checking out the ETM show 0.

We look forward to many more technology adventures.

See YOU in the future!

~The ETM Team

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