Metaverse Mixed Reality (VR, AR, XR)

Engineering the Metaverse and Exploring the Tech Behind It

Engineering the metaverse with a Young asian male wearing VR headset, working with a 3D Augmented Reality floating interface in an office at night with a purple, pink and blue back lit background
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On this episode we explored engineering the Metaverse and the various technologies and hardware behind it.

Engineering is defined as:

“The creative application of ‚Äúscientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes”…


What a cool time we live in to see such rich and engaging uses of this discipline.

To dive into this topic we brought on Christian Noble, a software engineer and co-founder of Metaverse Festival platform, FutureFest.

Future Fest is a fun, engaging and social example of “engineering the metaverse”, allowing users to gather around their favorite causes and entertainment like music.

After all, at the end of the day, the Metaverse is simply a real-time, online, digital 3D realm for us to gather in.

In the future, it is likely that there will be dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of Metaverses. (Metaversii?)

We discussed all sorts of topics including:

  • How FAANNG companies have approached Mixed Reality (XR)
  • Open source and closed Development and Platforms (and why both are important)
  • How Apple vs. Android and Samsung approach iteration
  • How an Apple engineer stole proprietary tech for autonomous vehicles
  • The pros and cons of Open vs Closed ecosystems
  • Why developers are the secret weapon for big Tech
  • What silicon chips are and what they do
  • The different purposes of chips from makers like Broadcom and Qualcomm
  • Why chip makers are so secretive about their development
  • What the Silicon Shield is and why the US throws it’s military might behind it
  • How Quantum computing will affect the future
  • How the FutureFest team aims to build community and fun social experiences with the Metaverse

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