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What happened at AWE 2023 and The New Wave of Augmented Reality (AR)

Front entrance to AWE Expo hall
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Well, the Augmented World Expo, AWE 2023, has wrapped up but the realities and memories shown continue to persist.

We assure you, we are not hallucinating but still gathering ourselves from the highly stimulating and visceral experience that is this new Mixed Reality (XR) space.

There were so many brands, corporations, creators and of course developers across all cultures and walks of life. This made for a truly fun, diverse and exciting community.

Despite the show being over, the possibilities and results of years of hard work by the industry is just beginning. There couldn’t be a better time to get involved in the XR (VR, AR) space and we encourage you to take a look.

Lastly, we gathered all the best recaps and playlists from AWE who were kind enough to publish the entire conference online. (Minus the real life networking and bump ins.)

How about some VR Shoes?

There’s a ton of information available and we think you’ll find something you like.

We’re excited for your Mixed Reality (XR) Emerging Tech Journey!

Insights from the field included:

  • XR will be the interface of the future (including AI)
  • Huge focus on AR headsets (overwhelmingly so)
  • AI was on the tip of everyone’s tongue
  • Everyone was wondering, What is Apple going to do?
  • Minimal to no mention of Metaverse compared with AWE 2022
  • No sign of TikTok and minimal brand presence of Meta/Facebook
  • An international crowd, more women, LGBTQIA+, and a mix of professional disciplines
  • Open development with cross company partnerships and collaborations with creators and developers
  • Creators should use blender vs just game engines for building assets
  • Social VR and community is key
  • We are at an industry inflection point
  • Now is a great time to build a business in XR
  • Great companies are built during transitions

On this episode of the ETM show Aaron Mangal brings back Eric Azares, who also attended AWE and discuss insights and reflections.

AWE Expo doors now open and then Eric unexpectedly jumps in

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