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9 Epic Ways AgTech Is Saving The World

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Curious how Agricultural Technology (AgTech) is helping reverse the cycle of destruction and paving the way for a healthier planet?

Specifically, one of the challenges with new highly industrialized technologies, is their negative effect on the environment.

While there have been a lot of positive shifts toward social good, corporate responsibility and renewable energy sources, there is still plenty to be done.

Luckily, there are some wonderful new technology tools and companies that are taking a bite out of this problem.

9 Epic Ways AgTech Is Saving The World

  1. It enables environmentally friendly (supply) chains of value: Bitcoin mining operations often use alternative energy sources and excess energy production as fuel. Supply chain-wise, seed to sale and battery production are using Blockchain to ensure product authenticity and track equipment life-cycles.
  2. Electricity is revolutionizing renewable power and fuel use: We have the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution upon us, but this doesn’t just mean cars and trucks. There are now electric tools for both light and heavy farm activities. This means chainsaws, lawnmowers and even earth moving backhoes.
  3. Free and open-source software democratizes code: Due to the free and open nature of most software, anyone with the interest and motivation can access high-value and complex code they could not easily create themselves.
  4. The Maker Movement facilitates high-value yet low-cost tech: Single-board computers, sensors or even 3D printers create new means of production and environment analysis for anyone to use. This means gathering data with inexpensive components or even printing your own objects.
  5. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows unprecedented remote (land and equipment) management: Without cloud and internet-enabled technology, many functions are very labor-intensive and not possible to scale. Now with connected sensors and devices, we need fewer inputs than ever.
  6. Strong Internet and Bandwidth enables never before seen connectivity: The emergence of cloud computing and instant connectivity from anywhere has taken decades of research and innovation. Now that we the ability to move data like this, new levels of management, growth and efficiency are possible.
  7. Dangerous and labor intensive processes are now made easy: Making the complex and difficult, easy, is an incredible trend we are seeing. The Ouisa tabletop essential oils making machine is a great example of turning a previously tough process into a “push-button” easy one.
  8. Turn-key Growing Technology simplifies growing from home and commercially: Products like Small Hold allow home and commercial mushroom growing. Agrilution facilitates home vegetable garden and 1.1 indoor vertical gardens allow for turn-key commercial growing operations.
  9. Innovative Hardware and Robots Improve Farming Efficiency and Reduce Chemical Use: Carbon Robotics make a machine that uses AI, heat and lasers to remove weeds from fields. Earth Sense and Agrobot created ones for automated harvesting while Post Harvest has created hardware and software solutions for farm management.

Ultimately, these solutions take a big bite out of previously hard (or even impossible) to solve issues to scale.

That is a big reason why this niche of AgTech greatly excites us and we encourage you to explore this topic in particular more.

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