22+ Awesome Recaps of the CES 2023

Entrance to CES 2023 Unveiled at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV
Written by Aaron Mangal

Ah yes, CES 2023, that time of year where your feeds fill up with a barrage of information and media about the latest gadgets, tech gizmos and other exciting dohickeys.

Although, the “Electronics” and other tech are the main focus of the show, there are a myriad of media professionals, influencers and enthusiasts who put a TON of work into their content.

Sure sure, we’ll be blabbing about our thoughts on it too, on our soon to be released ETM Show (will add the link here when published).

Ok fine, here’s a quick one of me walking in (pretend its VR):

For now I’m just as happy if not happier to bring your attention to these fine folks that have put together some wonderful recaps.

We have gone through each of these fine videos and believe they are worthy of your precious time.

Happy Tech Explorations!

CES 2023 Dispatch #1 – Lots of Tech! Urine Trackers, Lightweight Laptops and more! by Lon.TV

Dispatch #2 | Dispatch #3

CES Unveiled 2023 All Access with Brian Tong by CES

We met Brian and saw the tail end of this exact video being filmed, cool dude!

Best of CES 2023 Recap: Everything Worth Talking About by CNET

A brief yet hard hitting curation by CNET

CES 2023 – New Tech That You Can Actually Buy! By Shannon Morse

We greatly appreciated the nod toward Tech that is ready now from Shannon.

What’s inside COOL TECH of CES 2023? by What’s Inside? Family

A really up-beat one and a great general overview.

The BEST New Gear for Apple Users at CES 2023! Hands On! By Apple Insider

We enjoyed their Apple-centric take on the show.

The Metaverse at CES 2023: Magic Leap 2, bHaptics TactGloves, HYPERVSN Holograms & More! By Brian Tong

The Metaverse is the ultimate fodder for video, also more Brian.

From 3D Screens To Flying Boats: MrMobile’s CES 2023 Favorites By MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

TV-level production and vibe and of course solid Tech eye candy!

Coolest Tech I Saw at CES 2023 in Las Vegas by Norma Geli

A fun overview of the event that covers a lot of ground.

CES 2023: My favorite stuff from the year’s biggest tech show! by AXD

A lively well-produced thorough look at the best Gadgets from the show

The Best Gear & Gadgets from CES Unveiled 2023 by Apple Insider

A nice look into some new things revealed at CES Unveiled 2023

23 BEST Things I saw in Vegas at CES 2023! by Smart Home Solver

Another great general recap of some of the best in Tech for CES 2023.

Everything HomeKit and Matter at CES 2023! (The Future of Smart Homes!)

Although sponsored, this covers the home automation category well.

Hot Tech for CES 2023 at CES Unveiled! By Brian Tong – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Lucky Brian had a team following him around for 3 excellent parts on newly released Tech at CES Unveiled 2023.

The Best New Tech I Saw at CES 2023! by Stu’s Reviews

One of our favorites, Stu’s a funny guy and covered some great Tech that others did not.

For some longer recaps (45-60+ minutes each) check these out:

CES 2023 Las Vegas. Exhibitor Booth tours and highlights in 4K, Day 1 by The Laughing Lions | Day 2 | Day 3

Mad Respect to The Laughing Lions for covering 3 days and long form videos for each, lots of great intel here!

CES 2023 with RFK TECH by PA Speedtesting Adventures

Some nice shots of the floor from the CES 2023 attendees perspective.

CES 2023 PC Hardware News From AMD, Intel, Nvidia & More | The Full Nerd ep. 242 by PC World

Can’t go wrong with the OGs of PC World sharing their takes on all the things.

We hope you enjoyed the Recaps and scratched your cool new Technology itch!

Comment below with any insights, highlights, rants, questions or other things that come to you.

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