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Were Our 10 Emerging Tech Predictions for 2024 Right or Wrong?

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We recently did an episode, Our Top 10 Emerging Tech Predictions for 2024, to explore what might happen in Tech this year.

We thought it would be fun to see what has taken place so far this year and whether we were on point or not.

Here were our original predictions:

  1. AI disappears behind the scenes
  2. AI resurrects old and hard to use Tech
  3. Everyone will be a video influencer
  4. Media Tech will evolve FAST
  5. “New” Tech Innovation will be integrations of other tech
  6. Apple Vision Pro will not meet expectations
  7. Hardware will be a race to the bottom, Software will be the golden goose
  8. NFTs will make a comeback through sports betting and investing
  9. Tech for Good will go mainstream
  10. Sustainability will be at the forefront of the conversation

While it’s still fairly early in the year, there have been a number of predictions that have indeed come true.

Predictions like:

  • Media Tech changing almost weekly and adding new terms to the fray
  • Your friends becoming video influencers on the scene is happening.
  • Apple Vision Pro is disappointing to folks.
  • Sustainability is a BIG talking point for conferences.
  • Well what do you know, Crypto is up and popular again!

Others still have yet to be proven or not but it’s fascinating to see how quickly things are coming together for some of these categories.

What is your take on Emerging Tech in 2024 so far?

Comment below and share your thoughts.

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