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Our Top 10 Emerging Tech Predictions for 2024

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Happy New Year! Ready for some Emerging Tech predictions for 2024? Well, don’t worry we’re happy to be wrong and contrarian.

We considered this a fun thought exercise for posterity sake to see where our head and hearts were.

In fact, some of these predictions are already beginning to poke their head up through the cracks of reality.

Our Top 10 Emerging Tech Predictions for 2024

  1. AI disappears behind the scenes – It will then quietly be used in almost everything as an expected feature.
  2. AI resurrects old and hard to use Tech – Pain points and other difficult parts of the learning curve could be bypassed with possible solutions AI provides.
  3. Everyone will be a video influencer – No longer will your network be camera shy as people begin “Vlogging” (again).
  4. Media Tech will evolve FAST – We already saw NeRF get ousted by Gaussian Splats, what other shifts will happen this year?
  5. “New” Tech Innovation will be integrations of other tech – As categories mature, the next logical step is connecting them together.
  6. Apple Vision Pro will not meet expectations – Initial hype is alluring but the real work after is hard as we will potentially see with the rise of Augmented Reality (AR).
  7. Hardware will be a race to the bottom, Software will continue to be the golden goose – The Maker movement is giving hardware incumbents a run for their money. Will we see new creations and fabricators or will winner take all?
  8. NFTs will make a comeback through sports betting and investing – Many think Crypto is ded but, not so fast. Sports entertainment might have the Ace card in this equation that makes it a killer app (without people even realizing it).
  9. Tech for Good will go mainstream – With social happiness indexes and opportunity zones, we have a whole new set of imperatives and metrics to guide our resources and networks of builders.
  10. Sustainability will be at the forefront of the conversation – Corporate responsibility is in the spotlight more and more and this time the conversation is deeper than interest groups alone.

Ultimately, software will fill in the gaps using AI and supporting technologies.

This will enable small players to challenge the big. As that unfolds, Tech for social good and corporate responsibility is becoming a mainstream discussion.

In conclusion, our goal for 2024 is to ask the question, What can we do with what is already available?

Well that’s a wrap and we hope this gave you some food for thought.

What are your top predictions for 2024?

Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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